Oliver Hödl


Oliver Linus


Current Project Activity

TMAP Design Cards

A set of 46 design cards plus 3 instruction cards for the design of technology-mediated audience participation (TMAP) in live music.

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Trombosonic - A New Digital Music Instrument

A new digital music instrument based on the principles of the slide trombone. Supported by the Human-Computer Interaction Group of IGW, TU Wien.

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Wiener Musik-Experimente

Aiming on a higher visibility of experimental approaches in live music. Fully funded by the City Council of Vienna.

www.musikexperimente.at (project website)

Past and Finished Projects

PhD Thesis

The design of technology-mediated audience participation in live music (Title)

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Salome Experience

Interactive experiences around a live streaming of Richard Strauss' opera "Salome" from the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera). The event happened as part of the net:25 event at the University of Vienna, June 2, 2015.

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Velory Linus - A Shtick of Musik

Musical theatre and live-project of the band "Velory Linus" for exploring live dramaturgy and interactive audience participation.

A Shtick of Musik Promotion Video
www.velorylinus.com (band website)

Other Projects

Haptic Bracelets

A project of the Music Computing Lab at the Open University in Milton Keynes which I was part of from March to July 2013.